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Professional Photos of Your Home INCREASE TRAFFIC!

It sounds simple, but the bottom line is that investing in YOU and YOUR HOME to provide you the Absolute Best Possible Presentation for your home is an expectation you should have of the agent you hire... you should insist on:

1) NO pictures by assistants,

2) NO pictures by the agents because they are amateur photographers (the word "amateur" is the key)

3) No pictures by ANYONE except a professional and LOOK at samples FIRST because all professional are not, well, shall we say, as skilled as you might think!
All the pictures below were actually taken from High Profile Web Sites ... do you think home sellers were aware of how their homes were presented online? You Decide:

1 Acre Plus homes in Austin TX Georgetown TX homes on acreage

The pictures above are actual pictures from real MLS listings... they are from the same home, but the one on the left is from the listing that Stuart Sutton sold, and the picture on the right is from the listing in the MLS from a previous agent that did not sell.  However, unlike some other examples... both are professional photographs... hence the lesson that some professionals are simply BETTER at their job!


Acreage home in Round Rock TX Round Rock TX home for sale

Yes, these are actually pictures of the same house... the one on the left is the picture Stuart Sutton and 1 Acre Plus Homes placed in the listing that sold, and the one on right was taken by someone when the house was listed by a previous agent.... any clue what the house looks like from the picture on the right? 


Georgetown TX home on acreage Georgetown TX acreage home

The pictures above show the difference in professional vs amateur again... the picture on the right was put online by the previous listing agent when the home did not sell, but it seems to show more of the bed than the room. The picture by Stuart Sutton and 1 Acre Plus Homes shows the master bedroom for what it is - HUGE! Which master bedroom pictiure appeals to you more... the one showing the bed or the one showing the room? 

Leander Home on land Liberty Hill TX home on acreage Acreage homes Georgetown TX homes and land georgetown TX

Pictures of homes on acreage go beyond the typical pictures most agents take... Stuart Sutton at 1 Acre Plus Homes makes sure that the home's listing shows pictures of the land, because the land is one of the most important aspects of a home when you are targeting buyers who want homes on an acre or more!


workshop with home on land Georgetown TX Georgetown TX home with workshop georgetown tx home with workshop Georgetown TX home acreage

One of the most important features that buyers look for when searching for Homes on acreage is a workshop... so 1 Acre Plus Homes includes workshop pictures on EVERY SINGLE home that has a workshop... and what's more, they are Professionaly taken.  You rarely see quality pictures of a workshop from typical agents!


Georgetown TX home on acreage Georgetown TX home sold

Believe it or not, these are pictures of the SAME bedroom... the 2nd example is a picture you will see often - every time an amateur takes a photo of a secondary bedroom, that is what you will see.  Because professional photographers, like the ones Stuart Sutton uses at 1 Acre Plus Homes, use the right equipment, even a small bedroom can be shown as it really is... does a small corner of a bedroom really show you anything at all?


round Rock home on acreage home on acreage round Rock TX

Another hot spot in any home is the master suite... and yes these are pictures taken from the Multiple Listing Service... guess which one Stuart Sutton and 1 Acre Plus Homes out in place?  You are right, the one that is brighter, inviting - look at the details of the tile and the cabinets... just look at how improper lighting can change the preceived color of the cabinets and tile.  Professional Photographers, like Caroline Mowry, take ALL of Stuart Sutton's pictures!


121 Council Georgetown TX 121 Council home for sale

The fact that the picture on the right was actually used by a professional real estate agent makes you wonder... this is the exact same room, its even taken from the very same angle, shown on the same web sites... which would you be more likely to set an appointment to spend your valuable time to see?

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